Sometime back I wrote about refreshing your website. Really, if you think about it, if your site looks the same everytime someone pops over for a visit, it looks the same and there’s no reason to visit again, right? Well, not wanting to be guilty of saying do as I say, not what I do, I’ve updated my site ever so slightly. BTW, note that with updates to this blog, the content changes on my website, but the look stays the same. Well, now some very subtle changes to featured pics (with actual changes to some text) means that we now have a slightly different look to jgmarketi... Read More


Jamie Oliver is more than a celebrity chef with a bankable image. At heart he is an entrepreneur. And looking at the many ventures he has been involved with, this entrepreneural vent is obvious. He has gone from his initial television appearances and extended his brand by opening restaurant chains,f ood shops and taking time out to design consumer cooking products. He uses his name and his celebrity status by working this into a range of interrelated interests. A The golden rules of brand extension use the strength of Oliver's reputation and strength of his brand to extend this... Read More


It's been a while and am remiss updating my blog. Let me touch on a favourite subject: headlines. I am reading a book on copywriting and the way the author presents this subject is different to other books I've read previously on the subject. In future posts, I will cover some new and some old points that I have rediscovered. In a previous post, I harped about headlines, or rather, the lack of it. Have your ever considered that just about any sales message, whether in print or on-line needs a headline--a good one. Let's face it, the headline of your sales message is what p... Read More


Let's face it today, many things are becoming commodities. Generic branding which started not that long ago, is growing. Price is now pretty much the main deciding factor. Or, is it? I recently read a book about Jamie Oliver, the chef and entrepreneur. In the footsteps of many ahead of him who extended his name and personal brand to other products and services, e.g., cookware, cookbooks, shows and the like, Oliver has expanded his now familiar face and name to other income streams. With a friendly and affable persona, Oliver started his brand with an appearance in a TV documenta... Read More


Recently we set up a couple of landing pages for our clients. Since they had the domain names of some brands, these were used as the URLs for single page sites. These sites had various links back to the clients’ respective websites, to various pages, in fact. The point of this strategy was to help improve search engine rankings. How does this work? Quite simple, really. As the brand names were the site URLs, these would be highly ranked as the names are in a domain. That’s as high as it gets for the likes of Google. Thus, if someone searched for “brandx”, if a webs... Read More


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