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With the increasing popularity of smart phones, web users use these devices to surf the net, search for businesses like yours, book restaurants, and much more. We can design your website to work in a mobile platform easily. Remember that not every website designed to work on a computer will work properly in a small platform found on smart phone. The smaller size not only has restrictions as to the look of the site, but affects navigability, use of links, page views and more. We can help you get your site optimised for viewing on computers and mobile phones....... Read More


That the internet is constantly evolving is a given. Web-related technologies continue to improve regularly. Hence existing websites may have inadequate design or which use outdated technologies may find these falling to the side. We advise our clients to keep the look of their websites fresh and maintain cutting-edge standards of design, navigation, and functionality. To this end, a regular review of a website is a good idea. It’s an area we can assist in. We prepare a detailed report on latest website design techniques that relate to your services. We include recommendations... Read More


Great looking websites do not work for you, if no one clicks on them. We prepare websites for our clients which get noticed, are indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo and work to achieve objectives we set out together with you. When we design websites for you, we put care not only in the look, feel and navigability, but also in the code. The codes behind the pages work for you in many ways. This includes meta tags that help search engines and also do other things to improve your page rankings, codes that tell search engines to proceed to a certain page, code that asks sea... Read More


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I was referred to Jack Garcia of JG Marketing, by a colleague in 2007. He started doing work for us shortly after that.