Sometime back, I extolled the advantages of the WordPress format. Then, after just updating and revamping our website, we found out that Google was placing greater emphasis on the WP format, and ranking these sites higher. So, like changing horses mid-stream, we began work on a new website based on WP. Another advantage of the format is its mobile-friendliness. While for some, this point may seem irrelevant, I must point out, that ...... Read More


We continue on our last post, with more pointers for you to consider using PDFs on website to help with SEO. One point not mentioned earlier is PDFs used here are those produced using Adobe Acrobat. For those who produce encapsulated post script and then distilling the files to PDFs, that is the better way to go. Some programs like MS Word produce PDFs on the fly. The point I want to make here is that PDFs produced on Photoshop are not really indexable as these are rasterised files. In other words, to the search engine robots, they’re photos. Thus the search engines cannot re... Read More


A recent blog post by my colleague, Manoj Manghnani of Pulse Solutions on PDFs and SEO got me thinking. First of all, PDFs have come a long way. From the clunky file that used to do some funny things when distilled to what is today a sturdy and pretty much a universal format for transporting files, including use in Print Ready material. ...... Read More


I read an article a month ago about how manufacturing was moving back to the USA, from American companies who built and moved their plants to China. Aha, I thought the tables have turned. BTW, this view is found in several articles found in Industry Update magazine, and their website, this being ...... Read More


Let’s face it bad publicity can really set any business back really badly. Take Qantas a few years ago, with all the union trouble that the company had that forced Alan Joyce, the CEO, to shut down the airline. A...... Read More


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We have been working with Jack Garcia for about 15 years now. He has been assisting us with our marketing communication work, e.g., advertising, press releases, brochures, etc..