Doyen of the advertising industry, Harold Mitchell, AO and AC, was an avid contributor to the industry in many ways. Th...... Read More


Despite the inference of the visual used for this post, there’s no magic in Social Media. It really just requires planning and hard work. Now, is it a science or an art? The short answer is both. The science is the body of knowledge ...... Read More


Here we present a post from a Uni student in Advertising. Actually, it's from my daughter, Samantha, who is very much on the ball. I've been working on a post on Social Media since last week and after lunch a few days ago, I suggested she contribute to my blog and has come up with a post in just a few days. Kudos to you, Sam. ...... Read More


Whether you're a new entrepreneur, or a Fortune 500 business owner, you know that marketing and advertising are paramount to your success. If potential customers never hear about your product or service, they will never see the need to buy it or hire you, let alone know the product or service even exists. Unfortunately, starting up a business or successfully running one does not come with a business manual. Sure, there are many books out there guiding you along the path to success and trolling the internet can often ...... Read More


I was recently asked to look at SEO (search engine optimisation) by a client I did work for sometime back. He thought it was just a quick look at souce and a quick fixing up the meta tags and descriptions on his website. I gave him a list of questions I needed answered and haven’t heard back. Too hard, I suppose. SEO is an integral part of having a website. It’s not something one considers doing after the site’s been up for a few months. When we design and set up a website for our clients, we always include ...... Read More


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I was referred to Jack Garcia of JG Marketing, by a colleague in 2007. He started doing work for us shortly after that.