In a recent seminar on Social Media I remember a line from a speaker that said “the lines between B2C and B2B are blurring.” Interesting that, and I want to add some thoughts to this statement. Let me put forward some thoughts. First of all, I started in marketing communications in an era where the lines between consumer (B2C) and industrial (B2B) marcomms and advertising were really separate. After all B2C was more mass media using national television, radio and mass circulation newspapers and magazines. B2B tended to stick to specialised trade magazines to put out their me... Read More


Changes in how search engines look at websites is a regular occurrence. As noted more and more they look to authority sites, the way they treat content and so on has meant that we have now incorporated a blog in our website. Like some of my other clients, who have separate blogs to their company website, I used the blogs to build backlinks to their website. While this strategy is still relevant today, what we tend to go after now is to build authority sites. After all “content is king.” So, websites with more content, and not just any content, but relevant original material,... Read More


That you have to get a good ranking for your chosen keywords to get hits on your website is a given. If you want to get noticed in the web, you should have your desired landing page linked to keywords with search engines, preferrably on the first page. And, not just the first page, but the top half (or first fold). Mind you, I have had an enquiry, which turned the contactor into a client, while my search engine ranking was on page two. But, this is more an exception that the rule, after all do you click through from searches found on page two or further? Before going into generi... Read More


Allow me a personal plug. I don't normally do this, but I thought why not use a blog to help me market my own services. With B2B and industrial marketers now more comfortable with the use of the internet, a question arises: Is it enough to have a functioning website? Like it or not we're in what's described as "Web 2.0". This in short is how the web has iterated in the last decade, especially with the dominance of Google. The internet is now more collaborative, friendly and interactive—compared to the more staid Web 1.0. And, the thinking that helps your marketing commun... Read More


I was getting low on business cards, so I took advantage of this to make some small changes. Well, if you consider adding a QR code as small, that is. QR code? QR (Quick Response) code is a type of bar matrix barcode. It is machine readable and like barcodes we find on shop items in stores, the code allows the user access to information. In a shop situation a barcode, scanning this allows the user to input information on the item, including name of product or id...... Read More


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I was referred to Jack Garcia of JG Marketing, by a colleague in 2007. He started doing work for us shortly after that.