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We believe that publicity is the most cost effective marketing communication method available to a B2B marketer: no if’s but’s or maybe’s. We prepare most communication strategies for our clients based on Publicity, as a principal strategy.

Why? Publicity, especially press release articles, tends to be better believed than paid advertising. Using the normally free publicity offered by the trade press not only helps get your name out there, but also helps you get enquiries and, ultimately, more sales.

PR also provides greater reach than paid ads for far less money. One ad placements means only that while PR dissemination covers many publications. You get more bang for your communication buck.

PR also helps improve your search engine rankings, especially when disseminated to certain web portals. PR is also made to work with your Web 2.0 strategies. We try to leverage your PR work with other Web 2.0 efforts to get more coverage in both traditional and internet media.

At JG Marketing, we work hand-in-glove with Corcom PR, our sister organization, taking advantage of Corcom PR’s connections in media.

For more information on how you can use PR, to make a name in the market place, click here for Corcom PR’s thoughts on the matter.

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We have been working with Jack Garcia for about 15 years now. He has been assisting us with our marketing communication work, e.g., advertising, press releases, brochures, etc..