A good logo (or logotype) should be appealing to the viewer and importantly, it should be memorable. Many times, this is the first introduction of a prospective customer to the company represented by the logo.

And, like any first impressions, this has to be a good one. After all, first impressions last a long time. After all, a robust, well-run company with a bad logo will suffer in the marketplace.

There are many considerations, which we take care for you in the design of your logo. This has to be recognisable, legible in different media and varying sizes, it has to work in mono as well as colour and so on. We will make sure that you cover all the bases, when you let us design a logo for you.

After all your logo should not just do the job now and but well into the future.

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Basis Point

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I first worked with Jack some twenty two years ago when I joined a mining equipment company that had jack as their advertising agent.