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Smartphones and tablet computers are the fastest growing Internet access medium on the planet, especially for businesses looking to use mobile apps as an interactive marketing tool to generate revenue. Smartphones accounts for more than 10 percent of all web activity. Mobile Internet User GraphOver the next few years, it’s expected to surpass the traditional PC. With mobile app development on the rise, the possibilities are endless.

Pulse has foreseen the growth potential of the mobile industry early on in the game. When it comes to developing mobile apps, we lack no expertise. Since 2003, we’ve developed numerous mobile applications.

Our mobile app development service includes all major platforms including Android, iPhone and other Smartphones. When you choose Pulse for your mobile app development needs, you can rest assured you will receive a well built application.

JG Marketing Mobile BuildOur skilled mobile app developers use the latest operating systems to develop the most interactive apps. Our main focus is not just to create eye-catching mobile apps – we create interactive apps that are fully-functional, user-friendly and profitable.


As with anything great, creating a mobile app starts with an idea. If you have an idea for an app but you don’t know where to begin or you lack the technical skills to see it through to completion, we can help convert it into a fully functional mobile application. But perhaps you are skeptical that just an idea can produce a successful mobile application service or game. Here are some ideas that started small and became billion-dollar-return mobile apps.

Angry Birds – the most downloaded free gaming app of all time – started with a simple sketch of wingless birds on a bit of paper. It was an idea that gave way to something more immense than the mobile gaming app company, Rovio Entertainment, could have imagined when they first went live with it.

Temple Run was created by a husband and wife who had the idea that an endless running game could be interesting. Mobile application development company, Imangi Studios, took the idea live. Temple Run and its sequel have been downloaded more than a billion times.

Snapchat is a mobile application service that requires no introduction. It is currently on the list of reasons why social media trends are becoming increasingly antisocial, but it is also an app that is so popular, that it receives more than 500 million views per day. The app began with a class project and became something the creators initially balked at – an app for impermanent photos.

How do we evolve your ideas into a successful mobile app? We are a mobile app builder with quality members of a dedicated development team. We have experience developing mobile apps using platforms such as Codename One, Appception, BlackBerry, HP Anywhere, Java ME, Macromedia Flash Lite, IBM Worklight, Adobe AIR, Open Plug, Firefox OS, Windows Mobile, Android, DragonRAD,, Ubuntu Touch, Python, Appear IQ, Palm OS, Symbian and more.

You bring the ideas, we bring it to life with our team of skilled mobile application developers. We have worked with international clients to create outstanding mobile application for their businesses. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction and take pride in delivering fully functional, successful mobile apps. We are a mobile application company that is committed to working closely with you to ensure you get the best results out of your mobile app ideas.

As a leader in the mobile application development arena, we have the perfect solution for all your application development needs. Call us to and discover how we can bring your app ideas to an international, mobile-centric world.

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