Our services centre on marketing communication in both the print and the web spheres. Where we excel in is the ability to use what you already have and take this to the next level. This is usually done with minimal input on your part, as the client, compared to dealing with others in the industry, who require a lot more input.

Of course, the more input from you means outputs can be achieved faster and can be done more to what you are after. Less guesswork means clearer outcomes.

Please note that as marketing communication consultants, we provide you with solutions based on what we know will work for you based on over 30 years in the industry.

Print media

Current progress in technology has seen the move from print to web communication. This trend, however doesn’t mean the end of the more traditional print media. As long time practitioners in print, we offer our clients access to proven systems. This covers the design, copywriting, setting, layout and production of the following:

Web-based media

We design websites that not only look good, but that are SEO-friendly, easy to navigate and feature content that provides the viewer with the information he/she is looking for in a manner that is easy to find and use.

Using leading edge technology, we code the site to make sure that this downloads easily and covers the necessary bases in data presentation, as well as the capture and development of database.

Our partnership with Pulse Solutions allows us to leverage their experience and knowledge base in website development and combine this with our local knowledge to provide websites and other web-based solutions that work for you. Whilst look, feel and navigability are important considerations, these are of little use, if your site is not seen or discovered by those searching the web.

Our web-based solutions cover the following:

Mobile Application Development

Success Stories

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We have been working with Jack Garcia for about 15 years now. He has been assisting us with our marketing communication work, e.g., advertising, press releases, brochures, etc..