When we are commissioned to do print work, we use whatever material is at hand as a starting point. We don’t re-invent the wheel.

And, wherever possible, we try to get multiple use from the same content. An advertisement can be made the basis of a flyer or brochure. Where the layout is easily transferrable, we do that straight away with as little manipulation as possible.

If we are going to do a poster or banner from the same material, we make sure that the photos are usable for both.

If new photographs have to be taken, we make sure these will work in the print space we plant for these.

Remember that our approach to print material, like our other marketing communication work is a total one. We take pride as being your partner in making your marketing communications work—totally and as a whole.

Finally, one good print material that still works in many ways for our clients is that of newsletters. As you publish this yourself you can put yourself in a good light. You can feature your latest products, case studies, customer testimonials, introduce staff, show advertisements you’re using and so on.

You can re-use materials run in PR articles, stuff from your website and so on. Again, no need to reinvent the wheel. More bang for you buck with less work on your part.


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