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PR, or publicity, is the most cost effective marketing communication method there is. The beauty of PR is that an article in the surrounds of editorial, be it in a magazine or web portal, makes these extremely believable.

At JG Marketing, we take the attitude of making the PR message work with the ad message. And, we try to leverage one off the other.

For instance, when we run ads for a client, we take every opportunity to place write-ups in the process. Having the lines of communication open with the different media, we are requested from time to time for articles. And, since we take marketing communications as a total approach, not a piecemeal effort, we make sure that we have regular write-ups in the trade press and web portals, as part of any advertising campaign.

With regards “salesmanship” we note that while the article cannot always contain a call to action, it can create curiosity to get the reader or viewer to contact the author for more details.

Again, the end in view is a final sale.

Also, we note that such PR articles in web portals help you with your search engine optimisation, as they usually add backlinks to your website.

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