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Branding is an important marketing function, as it helps distinguish a company’s products (or services) from what it out in the marketplace. This is not just a matter of brand recognition and awareness, but also the he development of customer loyalty for a brand. In this day and age, where many things are just considered as commodities, a product has to have a character that differentiates it from the competition.

And this character should be indistinguishable from the brand. It’s good to remember that there are many “me-toos” out there.

A brand can be a very valuable asset for the owners.

Developing the brand is an exercise that involves both advertising and PR. All part of the marketing communications (marcomms) mix. At JG Marketing, we take a holistic approach to marcomms. We not only put salesmanship into ads, we try leverage paid ads with free publicity.

While the ad helps develop brand awareness, publicity reinforces the brand image.

Also, a brand is a lot of things, starting from a logo that stands out, is memorable and distinguishable from your competition. The brand in the eyes of the customer is bigger than the product. It is a collection of the trust, the the loyalty and connection that the customer has with the brand.

Branding can also be compared to one its earlier references, that of the marking of property, including livestock to distinguish them from others.

Our approach to Advertising/PR/Branding is a total one. We take pride as being your partner in making your marketing communications work-totally and as a whole.

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