Content is King, or is it?

Your website is there to show off content. That may be about your company, your products or services, how to order, news stories on your company, a blog maybe and so on.

Your website may also show pictures of your products, the management team, your sales team, your last company picnic and so on. It may also feature a flash presentation, videos and more.

Now, this content has to be of interest to the viewer, relevant and helpful. Ok, so far.

But, what about search engines? Search engines’ reason for their existence is to index website content. You key in a bunch of keywords, press the button and voila you get listings of the sites that carry these words. And, usually, depending on the keywords, there will be quite a number of listings, which could even run in the millions.

Sometime back I wrote a post on why you need to update your website regularly. When I first started designing websites for my clients, I reminded them that these had to change the look regularly. They had to look like there was something new, as well.

Now, back to search engines, which index your web pages regularly. Your robot.txt file may request a revisit say every month. Now, if the search engine finds nothing new after a few regularly visits, it will revisit at longer intervals or worse, stop visiting your site.

Which brings me to why you need to put new content on a regular basis. Exactly for the reason, that search engines want to see new content. And, if there is nothing new. Well, your site’s ranking will suffer as a result.

While link building, keyword density and so on are still important, content is still king. Now, certain SEO practitioners may disagree, but I believe that regular addition of content is important for the reason given above.

While a new look may interest a viewer, the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo, don’t look at a site. They crawl the site for keywords and index this.

What hurts is when the site is left unchanged for a long time, with no new content. Then one day you check for your search engine ranking on a keyword or keywords only to find that you have not only dropped a few rungs, but even several pages.

If you need help to keep your site fresh, let us know at JG Marketing. After all we are there to help.

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