Getting more out of your marketing communication: direct mail

Did you notice just how much spam you get in in your email account? If it’s anything like mine, it must be heaps.

It is some time back, but when email was still new, receiving one is a treat. But, today, you find that you’re copied with your colleague’s every email, your friends send you jokes, relatives send invitaions and so on, your in-box gets filled up very quickly.

And, to get through all of your email takes longer and longer.

A very cost effective way of getting your marketing communication message across is email. Definitely. With no postage to worry about, you can do this your self for next to nothing or get a professional services outfit to do this for you. And, this can still be done quite cheaply.

As you may have noticed from the above headline, I’m suggesting direct mail (i.e., snail mail) as a great way of getting your message heard.

Why snail mail?

Well, simply put, to get above the clutter. While emailing may be quite inexpensive, you may find it hard to be noticed in an a full inbox. You may also end up in a spam folder and not get noticed at all. Or, you may be accidentally deleted when your intended reader clears a full inbox very quickly.

You get my drift. To be noticed, you have to stand out. With all the clutter, this is quite hard.

So, doing a direct mail campaign may be a better way to go. While this will cost more, you get a better chance to get noticed. To get your message read!

The usual fundamentals apply. Plan your effort, get or prepare a good list, design your letter and other content, time your execution and of course, do not forget follow-up.

I’ll cover the essentials of a mail campaign in another post. Until then.

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