Social Media and B2B Marketing Communication: more thoughts

When I first set up a website in 1997, to find our website was easy. Ok, it was slow to download (remember dial-up), even if the site was light on pics and didn’t have much content or only had a few pages.

Approaching clients and prospective customers asking if they wanted a website, I got some awkward looks. Yes, though already several years into Web 1.0, websites were still a relatively new phenomenon. Printed brochures and print ad were still the go.

Flash forward to today, and a client or prospective client will ask for a website at about the same time he would for business cards when he sets up a new business. Brochures come later. While print ads are still in use, their popularity has definitely declined.

So, I mention social media to a client and I get the same puzzled look I did in 1997 when I asked about a website.

But, then does social media apply to the B2B sphere? Short answer: yes. Let’s face it, social media is not exclusive to B2C. It is becoming more prevalent and I’m sure that most of us in B2B have one or more accounts in one of its many forms.

Really? Yes, do you have a Facebook account? Do you use LinkedIn? How about YouTube, Google+, Twitter, etc.? Do you follow anyone’s podcast, blog, vlog or what not?

You get the picture.

So, there’s no denying, that social media is here. And, here to stay. And, grow more in importance.

Just as we now have smartphones, tablets and other electronic equipment that we now use more and more to access the worldwide web, we are being caught more and more into the grip of social media.

I’ve mentioned Web 2.0 before. Well, this is just another manifestation of the growth and expansion of Web 2.0. More and more interactivity, inter-connection, community and so on are growing with the use of the web.

So, as marketers and marketing communications practitioners, we cannot overlook social media. We should not only us it (in one or more of its many forms), we should embrace.

I know it’s a challenge, but hey, nothing worthwhile really came easy, right?

More thoughts on this in my next post.

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