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In a blog post earlier this year, I discussed how I set up a new website/blog with a URL <>. This started as a bit of a lark to prove some theories and strategies to attain high search engine rankings.

From a standing start, the website was able to make it to the front page of Google in a matter of six weeks. Not bad, so I thought. Well, doing very little else, the site was able to make it to number one listing for the keywords “banana screens”.

As of the last time I checked, it’s now at number two. It is second to a banana screen manufacturer—a former client, for whom I prepared at least two brochures on this product, as well as a number of PR articles.

Where am I getting at? Well, yesterday, I got an enquiry from a user. What? Yes, an actual enquiry. Well, it looks like a real enquiry. (Note that like pretty much anyone with a website or blog, I’ve received my share of spam.)

How do I think this is for real, it that it had specs like “feed size of mill”, “mass flow”, “percentage passing size distribution”, etc.

If that person doesn’t hear back from me, he will realise I am not serious about selling banana screens. And, as I no longer work for a banana screen manufacturer, I can’t really pass it on.

So, why am I writing this post. Only to advise you, dear reader, that a blog on a particular subject matter is really serious stuff. And, if your blog/website makes it to the front page of Google, you will get enquiries.

After all, that is one of the more important, if not the most important reason for getting high search engine rankings. To be noticed and to get click-throughs.

If there is more to this story, I will put up another post.

Watch this space.

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