How to get number 1 in Google Search without really trying

Before you say “Oh, no! Another SEO practitioner with a really unprovable boast,” please read on. It’s a bit of story which could be of interest.

I got offered the domain name <> quite by accident while looking for another domain name for one of my clients. The name piqued my interest and I got the name. I thought, why not I can sell this to a banana screen manufacturer.

To find out more about just what a banana screen is, please check out the blog/website, which I consequently put up. Whooops, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Again, trying to make the deal more interesting, I set up the blog <>. Then I did a blog post and as what I normally with my other blogs, including the ones I run for my clients, I notified the different search engines.

And, I forgot all about this. Thinking about this again, I decided to post on a separate blog, with links back to <>. And, the following day, I did a search on Google for “banana screens” keyword. Lo and behold, the side was noted on page three. Hmmm, not bad.

Ok, so again didn’t worry about it and looked again a few days later and what, the site was now on page two of Google. Wow. And, remember I was there on a listing of over 4,000,000 search links. I got so excited I posted the success on my other blog.

After that I checked Google again and found that the site was now number one. But, funny enough on another computer I was still on number eight on page one. What?

Well, that’s what can happen depending on the location of the searcher (or it could have been on cache). Anyway, just today, I found the site as number one on page one. Bingo!

Again, note that this can change, but it will be easy to stay at least among the top three or four, with some tricks I can use. Again, it was good to see that on page one were links to articles I wrote for my banana screen manufacturer clients. A search on the Ferret site for the keywords, I found three articles I wrote going back to 2001, for those same clients.

Well, it’s an amazing result and I’ve learned more from it, as well as proven some strategies which I’ve used in the past. In fact, I showed the site to a client, who asked me to do the same for a range of products he markets. I will let you know what happens with that site, so watch this space!

BTW, I know the home page is nothing plush, I didn’t set it up to look good or win awards. This is just a search engine optimisation (ranking) game.

Until my next post.

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