How a newsletter can help make more sales

In a previous life as a sales representative, I remember missing our on extra sales because the person I was calling on did not know about a range of products offer by the company I worked for. Why? The customer did not associate those products with me, or my company.

There’s a good lesson there. It’s one I’ve used to get my clients to try newsletters. They’re a good communication method to tell existing and potential clients about the full range of products and services one has to offer.

Let’s face it, human nature being what it is, pigeon-holing is quite common. Jenny Bloggs from XYZ Distributors is the one to go to for ABC widgets. So, when she calls, the customer orders the widgets. But, XYZ now also carry a range of gizmos. They also hired a rep to push the range.

Now, with a long business relationship already established with Jenny, how would she feel if she found out that the customer just ordered a pallet of gizmos from another company. “But, we carry a rnag of gizmos that are as good if not better, and quite competitively priced,” she tells the customer.

“I would have ordered from you had I known,” the customer retorts.

Rewind a few days and let’s say Jenny calls on the same customer and drops off a newsletter. The lead article is an announcement of the new distributorship for a new range of gizmos.

A new conversation takes place. The customer says, “Oh you guys carry gizmos, we need some.” Jenny replies, “Sure, we can help you with that.” And, she leaves with an order for a pallet of gizmos.

Remember you have full control over the content of your newsletter. Newsletters can be printed or published in an electronic format (e.g., PDF). And, as publisher you can include any article you want, even feature your own ads.

You can include testimonials, case studies, new product listings and so on. You control content and you can distribute the newsletter via email, hold it on your website. It’s all up to you.

Of course, if you want to take the hassle out of publishing newsletters, you can always ,contact us. We do the whole thing for you. You, of course, have final approval.

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