How often should I give my website a new look?

Having had a long exposure to print advertising and printing, I could off-hand say that normally a brochure needs freshening up every 18 months to two years. Now, mind you, some brochures become obsolete in a short time (a few months), with product development, upgrades, obsolescence and so on.

And, I note that some out-of-date brochures are kept current long after their use-by date. The reasons for this can be anything from lack of time, laziness, indifference, cost-cutting or whatever.

But, what about one’s website? I would dare to propound a similar time frame, with two to three years max.

With the paradigm set by a Web 2.0 world, this time frame could possibly be even shortened to 18 months to two years, similar to printed brochures.

Let’s face it, we have to engage our site’s visitors, with fresh content, visuals, offerings, downloads and the like. And, for some, if not many, who revisit sites regularly, a stagnant look may mean a turn-off. By this I mean that the site appears not to have anything new to offer.

Now, I know that I am putting myself up to scrutiny here. I set up my principal website, <> in 1997. It was upgraded in 1998. This was after only six months or so.

And, then for any or all of the above reasons, the site was not upgraded for many years. To be fair, I personally redid the site in 2002/2003, but only got to dummy testing. I didn’t like the look and just dumped it before it went live.

It took a few more years before the site was upgraded. That was some three years ago. And, I am happy to say that a new revision is now live. Yes, I know it has taken a while, but I always refer to that Spanish saying which roughly translates that “in the blacksmith’s house, they use wooden knives.”

Admittedly, it is hard for a physician to heal him/her self. If you do plan a website update, I promise immediate action, as I do with all my clients.

After all, if you check out my upgraded website, you will see that we are very heavily involved in website design. This section of the portfolio pages, shows just how many new sites we’ve been involved in the last few years.

So much for the lesson, with an added self-plug. Hope you like the new look.

Please drop me a line, with your comments.

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