Makes you wonder: why are some marketers cutting their communication spend

Speaking to a client, recently, I asked how their stand went in the recent DesignEx. He said that there were less exhibitors, possibly by as much as 50%. Wow, that’s a lot of people cutting back on their spending on exhibitions.

Now, the answer to the next question was a real eye-opener. How did you go at the show? Short answer: GREAT.

His explanation was that the same people who visited the show turned up, viz., specifiers like architects and so on. And, with less people exhibiting, they had more time to spend at his stand. Result, more enquiries and some really good leads. Yes, it was a good show.

Well, that goes to show you that trying to shy away from letting people know that your’re still around and reminding them or your products and services is not a good idea in tough times. In fact, you have to make even more noises. After all, your competitors will probably call on your customers, if they cannot get any business out of their current customers.

It’s plain common sense, if you stop your marketing communication spend, your customers will probably think that you’re no longer around. Out of business.

Again, another reason to push harder during a downturn.

We should not forget that as things get quiet, people may find themselves in the situation that they have more time to look at alternative suppliers. Whilst, when times are busy and time was short, one tended to take the shortest path, use a current supplier. Now, with times being the way they are, looking for a better price, or a better product, is something one can do more easily.

Remember that old refrain still holds currency:

  • He who whispers down a well
  • About the goods he has to sell
  • Will never reap the golden dollars
  • As he who shows them round and hollers.

So, it’s really something worth considering. Remind your customers that you’re still around. Call on them, ring them up, advertise, write letters and make sure your goods (services) and holler.

Oh, just for the record the above photo was taken at my client’s stand at the recent Collision Repair Expo. And, they had their most successful exhibition yet, with sales off-the-stand breaking all records. Makes you wonder.

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