Refreshing a website, should be done regularly

A regular update to one’s website is a given. One reason I suggest my clients have sections that can easily be updated, e.g., news, is that search engines like to go through new content. That’s why they have robots regularly combing the web, in fact, its their raison d’être.

Now, what I am specifically referring to is the look of the website, hence, the home page. Having sections on the home page that require regular update is a good idea. While this does not change the look, this is very search engine friendly.

Recently, I found that my work website while updated only a few months ago, was not working for me. While certain things were covered in the inside pages, this information should really be available a lot more easily.

How? Well, it should be right there. How did I do this? Well, through flash.

The difficulty with flash is that not all browsers are able to read this. This may require a download from the Adobe website. A link to this site on the web page is a must, with directions to download Flash Reader.

There should also be the facility to skip Flash, for viewers not interested in waiting for the Flash to download. We should always keep in mind that on slow connections a big Flash file is a problem. (Mind you, this is not as a problem today, as it was only last year.

Well, my main intro on my website now has Flash. And, with this, the script tells the story and shows some examples on the home page of content that will require one or two clicks to find inside the website.

The new home page is up and running.

So, what to do you think. I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

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