Smart phones…tablets…mobile media: are you ready?

Smartphones and tablets are now more and more prevalent. These portable devices seem to be everywhere. On any any day, it seems that wherever you go, someone is looking at his/her smartphone or using a tablet to play a game or browse the internet.

And, if you’re like me, you could well be one of these people.

So, are you taking advantage of this new state of affairs? Is your website optimised for viewing in the smaller space of mobile communication?

Time was when web access was via a fixed line service on a desktop of laptop computer with a large screen. With more bandwidth available and broadband connection more the norm, the rich content accessible through your computer browser has never been better.

However, with the spread of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices that are not only portable but wireless is now more common and could easily become the norm in the near future.

To take advantage of the growth in mobile devices, how are you approaching the use of your website on such media.

Many, if not most websites, suffer in many ways when viewed on mobile phones or tablets. The most obvious problem, of course, is screen size. The limited space provided by these wireless devices means that text and graphics designed for large monitors will not translate to the smaller size.

Then there is the problem of viewing only one window at a time. Multi-tasking and easy movement between windows is not possible in the current state of mobile technology.

Navigability or your website, again designed for large monitors, where drop-down menus, navigation bars, tabs and other link choices are not always available or easily translatable to the smaller viewing space of mobile equipment. We note that we don’t have the use of a mouse or pointer like we do on a computer in a mobile phone or tablet

Again we get less flexibility.

Not all websites are accessible on mobile devices. Flash animation is one area of concern. PDFs is another, as well as videos, though this is now not as much a problem as only a year or two ago.

Other difficulties include broken pages and compressed pages. Many mobile devices break down pages into segments, with each treated as a separate page. Add slow download speeds and navigation difficulties and more problems are encountered.

Of course, because of size, pages tend to be compressed or squeezed to fit the screen. Thus, content viewing, graphics and text will suffer.

What I’ve included here is only a partial discussion of issues, constraints and considerations posed by use of mobile media in the viewing of your website.

At JG Marketing, we offer communication solutions that cover mobile and wireless solutions. We can provide you with websites that take advantage or work around the challenges of the smaller space, slower downloads and the like.

I will bring up some more thoughts and ideas on this issue in a future post.

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