Social Media and B2B Marketing, to like or not to like

It’s a subject close to my heart: social media. I recently suggested social media to client. The conversation quickly turned to Facebook and how the client didn’t particularly like it. I must admit that I agreed with most of his thoughts. So do I think forget Facebook for your marketing communications efforts. No, I don’t.

Allow me to explain.

First of all, let’s not forget that Facebook is the number one social media platform there is today. Over a billion users and counting. The platform has been used by small and big marketers alike. And, judging from the popularity, the regular updates from corporations/organisations that use the platform, this is in no way slowing.

But, then you might say hey what does a B2B organisation like us have to do with Facebook? Or social media for that matter?

First of all, let’s look at why social media exists.

I suppose it’s because man is a social animal would be a simple way of putting it. People like to interact, exchange information, ideas, share stuff and so on. With the growth and expansion of Web 2.0 , this interaction has been greatly facilitated. It was, I suppose, inevitable with interactivity being the norm, that this sort of activity would grow.

Web 1.0 was more about static and I might add boring web pages. With interactivity and growth of different web platforms, interactivity was given a freer rein. And, grew it did.

Remember that Facebook for it ubiquity is not the only social media platform. There’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest to name a few. The latter two are still relatively new and growing. Of course, they’re not all the same but they serve different uses. And, will help a marketer in different ways.

The important thing to remember is social media helps to get your customers (current and/or prospective) engaged, involved and interested in what you have to offer.

In a recent Social Media seminar I attended, the thinking was to push content (stuff that users/viewers would find interesting and of use) and leave the promotion almost as an after-thought. In fact the speaker was positing a 95% to 5% ratio.

In other words, more useful stuff and less of sales pitches would keep your users/viewers interested in coming back for more. If it were the other way around, I suggest that you would lose your users.

Yes, to build up a following (or, better yet a community) is not easy. There’s a lot of work involved and I intend to put up some suggestions in coming posts.

Keep tuned in as more thoughts on this to come.

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