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Here are some more thoughts on the subject of social media. I came across a recent article in AdWeek, which discussed how some B2B brands are making strides in social media.

The main thrust of the article is that while some business-to-business brands were doing well using social media, they are just playing catch up with their business-to-consumer cousins. The author mentioned American Express Open, General Electric, Philips and a few others as ahead of the pack.

On the positive side, the article also said that the gap between B2C and B2B use of social media may well close soon.

So far, I’ve only set up one Facebook page for one client. The project didn’t get too far as he sold the company shortly after this was set up.

But, I’m still out there preaching about the value one can get from social media.

Again, referring to the Social Media seminar I recently attended, a few presenters were from the B2B sphere. One speaker who sold software to business used Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. He did different campaigns and set up different communications in each social medium, but he was out there.

And, he had the runs to prove it. Mind you the guy’s company spending many thousands of dollars in the effort. But, according to him he was getting good return on the investment for those dollars.

Some other points he made are:

  • Facebook was used for lead generation to great success.
  • Never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer communication. (In fact a constant theme in many of the speakers is the power of social media is in the use of building this method of communication. You would trust what your peer would tell you more you would some organisation spruiking its wares.)
  • Remember that people in B2B like to have fun as well. (The use of social media has its seriousness, but on the main, its more laid back than other marketing communications efforts.)
  • B2C and B2B lines are blurring. (Just like the digital world has blurred many lines, the two marketing spheres are blurring. After all a marketing executive in a B2B organization is also a consumer. He/she uses social media and uses peer-to-peer recommendations to make buying decisions.)

This is a follow on of several posts I wrote on the subject. Here’s a link to the latest one and the the one before that.

Again, more on Social Media in my next post.

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Social Media and B2B Marketing Communication: more thoughts

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