We update our website to take advantage of WP format

Sometime back I wrote about the need to update the website regularly. Click here to read it.

Search engines like new content. That’s what web robots like to do crawl through new content to index these.

What about a major website upgrade? Even better because a new look will mean that your regular viewers would see that there is something new and worth looking at.

With the rise of WordPress and the many benefits it gives the user, it made a lot of sense to use this format. Not only is this format easy to update when required, i.e., great CMS, but it is also one that Google and other search engines like.

Once you set up a website, the job is not done. It’s really just starting. A website should be looked at as a work in progress. Updates and new content should be the continuous affair.

Robot.txt used on most websites that request search engines to return after a certain period will work for a while. But, if the site has not had any new content in revisits by web robots, you can pretty much bet your last dollar, the frequency of returns will decrease. It wouldn’t surprise me if they stop altogether, but maybe I’m being too harsh.

Most of the new sites we do now use the WP platform. One of the latest was for Aztex Equipment. I wrote about the change in an earlier post.

In that post I specially extolled the great ease of the CMS. And, I put it to you dear reader, if for any reason, this is the number one justification for the use of the WordPress platform.

I invite you to visit our website, and give us your comments.

Until the next post.

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