Use of Flash animation on your website

Like any tool in marketing communication, those used to develop a website have their particular purpose. One of those used in developing websites is animation. I refer particularly to the use of Flash.

When bandwidth was limited and download speeds were still 56 kbits/sec, animation was limited in scope and very slow to download. One only has to look back at the slow speed of file download and the constant temptation to press the “skip” button.

With more bandwidth, faster download speeds and the current state of the web, these problems are now no longer relevant.

So, do we just adopt the use of Flash on every website? I use a very limited version of flash on my website. One that more resembles a marquee, with a feel similar to a slideshow.

With a number of clients, I use different types of Flash animation.

One I particularly like to highlight is fa division of a client of several years. I refer to Aztex Sodablast—a division of Aztex Pty Ptd. Note the unique way that the flash animation works, from the above photo of the home page. (You can check the site’s flash animation, by clicking here.)

Animation of the photos changing mimics the process of soda blasting. The disappearance of the photo to reveal another underneath is similar to the effects of surface blasting.

I’d like to think that this is similar to the use of onomatopoeia in poetry, where the sound of words mimics what the word represents. Anyway, you get what I mean.

Let’s not limit the approach of bringing animation to your website. There is just so much scope with today’s technology. And, there’s pretty much no limit.

If you want to bring a great Flash effect to help highlight your products or services, JG Marketing Services can help.

If you’re looking at refreshing your website, with or without flash, why not contact us to discuss your requirements.

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