Website upgrade for Aztex Equipment, a valued client

We set up a website for Aztex Equipment several years ago. The client was quite happy with the site and has kept this for a time.

With changes to search algorithms since late last year, we have been recommending upgrade of our client’s website to another format. This format is not only more search engine friendly but also provides the user a number of benefits. Aztex Equipment wanted to take advantage of the new algorithms while freshening the look of the site.

One of the biggest benefits is the ease of updating the website, with new content. This covers new pages, new text, photos and so on. In fact, we are able to show clients just how easy this is by referring them to a video, which explains how to do this.

A number content management systems, including those we have set up for our clients, are limited to certain pages or sections of a website. We’ve found that some CMS system out there are not only limited in scope, they are actually quite cumbersome and hard to work with.

You may want to consider upgrading or freshening up your website to improve search engine optimisation and allow you greater scope in adding new content. Contact us to discuss your needs. We can prepare a site similar to the new Aztex website and let you control your website better and make the internet really work for you.

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