Happy 2013: What about a new year’s resolution or two?

Did you know that even Wikipedia has an entry for new year’s resolution. I found that amazing. BTW, happy new year to you dear reader.

At the start of a new year, it is only human to make plans to do something different. And, usually, this will involve some lifestyle change. You know what I mean, e.g., lose weight, spend more time with the kids, give up smoking, that sort of stuff.

I didn’t realise that there was a religious history to making the resolution. Well, if you look up the Wikipedia listing, you will find the reference to different religions and how they look to beginning anew.

What was very interesting is the note at the end, that 88% of those surveyed (in a University of Bristol study) failed in meeting their resolutions. This is despite those surveyed being confident to meet their set goals.

Well, let’s put that aside and look at some goal setting in the area of marketing communication.

My colleagues at Pulse Solutions set out some new year’s resolution for your website. They are shown in the visual, but allow me to repeat these for easier reading:

  • Enable CMS and get in control of your site
  • Shed site weight to improve loading time
  • Deploy a Mobile-enabled version
  • Improve security and encrypt confidential data
  • Balanced social strategy with FB, G+ and Twitter
  • Freshen up content to get better Google ranks
  • Build a formal web marketing plan.

That’s a pretty comprehensive list one can seriously look at and use as a guide for their website improvement plans for 2013.

I specially like the shed site weight, though I would personally think more in terms of personal body weight.

CMS accessibility is a good one. We are moving our clients to the WP platform for many reasons. Easier CMS is just one of them. I will cover this topic more in another post.

Another thing that we are pushing at JG Marketing is the setup of a Mobile-enabled version of the client’s website. Study of web access statistics for a number of clients has shown the increase in mobile access both for smartphones and tablets. It’s the way the web is going.

We are also pushing use of social media and have done a few Facebook pages for our clients.

If you want help with any of the above points, why not contact us at JG Marketing. We can make it happen for you a lot more easily.

Have a great 2013!

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