Marketing communication in Web 2.0: Article marketing

Like it or not, we are now in Web 2.0. world. And, in the paradigm that Web 2.0 sets out for users of the internet, the best way to take advantage of the rise of social media is through the use of blogging.

As a proponent of blogging, I’ve written a number of posts on this topic in my other blog. Here allow me to put forward some thoughts on article writing. For the purpose of this post lets call the exercise article marketing.

Why should you consider article marketing?

One big reason is to help improve your search engine rankings. (This is also a big reason for putting up a blog.) Submitting articles to appropriate portals and e-zines helps create backlinks to your website.

Your author’s bio (or boiler plate) at the end of the article give s a quick description of your background and should contain at least one link back to your website. The more you send out there, the more backlinks you will have. And, theoretically, the higher will be your search engine ranking.

Article writing is free (or low cost) to you. Unlike paid advertising, which can cost heaps, article writing will only set you back for the time spent writing and submitting your articles. Of course, using a ghost writer or the services of a communication consultant will entail some cost. (Which will probably much less than running just a few ads in the traditional media.

Article marketing helps set you out as an expert in your field. And, since you will most probably write about a subject matter you are au fait with, you can build yourself up as an expert in that field.

Article writing also helps develop a brand for your business. Getting your name out there as an expert, and being the owner or manager of a business helps not just a name for yourself, but like a halo-effect of building your business name. You must, of course, maintain the link between your name and your business.

Writing articles will also force you to communicate with others. The more your write, the more you’ll develop as a writer and communicator.

Now article marketing isn’t the be-all and end-all of marketing communication. It is one weapon in your marketing armoury and should be used accordingly. Also, like all marketing communication effort,  you cannot expect to have results with just the one article. You have to plan this out and keep at it, just as you would your advertising effort.

And, like anything, this requires patience and persistence. Planned well and done well, you will see results not only in recognition in the marketplace, but increased sales and an improved bottom line.

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