New look website for JG Marketing

A few months ago, I decided that a new image to celebrate our 30th year in business was appropriate. Doesn’t seem that long ago when I decided to get into marketing services.

So, the first project was to redo the logo.

Keeping the folded paper symbol was the starting point. We went back to colours we used in the early 80s, green in particular. The pixelisation effect made the folded paper work and become more relevant in a Web 2.0 world.

Then, the next step was to make the website more looking more up-to-date. The use of people in the home page was an important starting point. Why? Simply put, people relate to people.

Plus, since our products are services provided by people, this made sense.

In B2B advertising and other marketing communication, practitioners and their clients focus on product. While a reader or website viewer can relate to a product that is unique, they have more empathy with people. After all people buy from people, not from companies. (Sorry, just a little aside, which I thought was worth mentioning.)

Anyway, back to our new website. The new site is also a good means of exposing our expanded service offering. The flash section centres on websites, which is our main focus in the coming months.

We will be looking into expanding the SEO part of our services, as well as present a DNN shopping cart, which is entirely new to us.

The latter is the product produced by our colleagues at Pulse Solutions of India.

Well, like I mentioned in earlier blog posts, updating a website, in look and content is a given. It should be done regularly to give it a fresh look. Admittedly, we have been a bit remiss. But, in the last five years, this is the third major upgrade.

To view our new site, please click here . I hope that you like the look.

Please feel free to email me with your comments.

Until my next post.

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