Print advertising: good ol’ reliable marketing communication

The Internet is now a mainstream means of trying to sell products, services, or provide information for many marketers and businesses. However, as popular as the Internet is, it still may not be the most profitable way to advertise or sell.

In today’s world of high-speed technology, many seem to forget that the tried and true method of marketing communication through print advertising can still prove to be an extremely profitable way to go about getting a sales message across.

Why? It’s because basic human nature has not changed. Neither have human buying triggers. Having something tangible in one’s hand that can be touched and felt is still trusted more than words or images thrown up on a computer screen.

In spite of the Internet’s capability of reaching out to millions of email addresses or viewers in a matter of minutes, a printed flyer, brochure or print ad, in one’s hand still holds more credibility. BTW, I am not suggesting no do I condone or suggest spamming as an ethical communication means, when I refer to mass email efforts.

Consider that when you get a printed flyer, brochure or print ad that you can hold in your hand, you tend to look at it as something real that is produced by a real person whom you can identify with. You don’t generally look at it as some unknown face or entity hiding behind a computer screen, who may be trying to scam you.

It really doesn’t make sense that so many marketers are have forgotten this old proven method of advertising and selling. Printed forms of advertising and direct sale pieces have stood the test of time, and have proven themselves over and over again, against so many other means that have come and gone.

Consider this as well: Most people go online looking for information, not sales offers. And, with so much material out there in the net, what chances are there that you’re offer will be found, if at all.

However, when a printed piece of marketing communication is physically placed in the hands of people, they will make the effort to seek out the source of the offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s right up the street from them, or online–the printed marketing communication piece has a form of credibility that may not be found on net-based messages. BTW, there are means of developing this credibility on the net. (I will cover this in other posts.)

With direct sales, you don’t have to worry about getting traffic to a web site, search engine optimization, black hat, white hat, or any of the other online techniques you see touted. People coming online to your web site after reading your printed direct sales piece are generally looking to buy the product or service offered.

The internet should really be used in combination with direct sales efforts and other communication, as an extension of one’s advertising and sales efforts–not as the primary medium. More people who are ready to buy will find you through direct sales pieces, than they would just surfing the internet to see what’s available amid the billions of web pages.

A printed advertising or direct sales piece is really much easier to produce than a web site…don’t you think? And, All this has to do is make people aware of what is available, the cost, and where to get it. If the offer is located in a physical address, then give the address and times of operation. If it is located online, the give the web site address and other contact information. It’s just that simple.

Most internet exclusive advertisers will likely see their sales efforts pay off in spades, by combining print advertising and direct sales with their online means. Once a printed direct sales piece establishes credibility, a web site would only need to highlight benefits and give access to the offer.

Now that you realize the benefits and advantages, why not do yourself and your business a favor, and make print advertising direct sales an important part of your business’s well being.

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