The right logo creates a good first impression

The money that goes into logo design and re-design must really be a lot. And, with what you see out there, makes you wonder. Consider the revamped Qantas logo. Whatever was paid, I image is nothing, compared to what will be spent on redoing planes and other assets in the new livery.

Wisely, Qantas went for a very subtle change, which is almost identical to the original. I believe that the change was kinda forced on the company by the purchase of the new A380 aircraft. Which goes to show you how things happen in business.

What about your logo? Is it doing the trick for you? Does it embody what your company stands for? Does it help set out your brand? Does it leave a good impression?

Anyone who sees your logo for the first time should be left with a good impression. Let’s face it, first impressions count for a lot.

If you were to go for a job interview sloppily dressed, with hair unkempt, clothes disheveled and looking like you not only need a bath but a shave as well, how do you expect to get that job you applied for. Even if you’re the most qualified, if the job is for an executive position, you should go to the interview dressed the part.

This is what I mean by leaving a first impression. It really should be a good one.

If your brochure, business card, logo or other communication piece looks like it was done in matter of minutes on your word processor, what does that say about your company?

With the resources available today, there is really no excuse to get the communication piece not done professionally. And, this doesn’t have to cost the earth. (If in doubt, ask us. We’re very reasonably priced. Ok, no more commercials.)

Let’s take the logo specially as our point of discussion. This visual communication piece is the first representation of your company. While literacy is not a problem like it was two centuries back, when logos (or trademarks) had to really be very recognizable, as many people could not read, the logo should at least be memorable.

By memorable, I mean this must have some impact on the reader. Impact here also means legibility, right use of colour, visual appeal and so on.

BTW, what is a logo? Logo is a term taken from logotype, a symbol, used as a trademark or brand for a company or its products and services.Trademarks were, as the name implies, used by traders and merchants to identify themselves. Today, logos (trademarks) are used by all sorts of organisations, including governments, clubs, associations and of course, business enterprises. (And, this ranges from the sole traders, mom and pops to the really large conglomerates.

Logos and trademarks are not just mere words or symbols they are many things. This is specially a means ofi dentity for an organization, product or service. It is a means of differentiating these from others especially in the same field and, of course, a communication piece.

Logos communicate information to the reader things like value, origin, quality and so on.

Logos, especially trademarks, add value to organizations, products and services. They are valuable assets that are legal property. As such,many organisations spend a lot of time and money to protect their use.

As a communication piece, it should first be legible. Secondly, it should be memorable and stand out from the crowd. A quick logo, done on a word processor just won’t do.

Going back to the first impressions, what would a logo that looks quickly done and is not legible say to a prospective customer? Would you deal with someone from a company that really didn’t put too much thought into its logo? Does the logo appear like it was a backyard operation?

Wouldn’t you rather deal with a company that looked professional and smart? And, these are things that the logo will communicate to the reader.

So, if you’re considering updating your logo, why not get some professional help to get the job done right. At the very least, consider legibility, memorability, impact and remember this must make a good first impression to whoever reads this.

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