Website landing pages to link back to your site for higher rankings

Recently we set up a couple of landing pages for our clients. Since they had the domain names of some brands, these were used as the URLs for single page sites.

These sites had various links back to the clients’ respective websites, to various pages, in fact.

The point of this strategy was to help improve search engine rankings.

How does this work? Quite simple, really. As the brand names were the site URLs, these would be highly ranked as the names are in a domain. That’s as high as it gets for the likes of Google.

Thus, if someone searched for “brandx”, if a website had the name “”, this would rank higher than a site that had various “brandx” in the home page text.

Anyway, that’s the theory. I’ll let you know how we go.

These are the two sites that we have set up so far. This site carries the name of a principal, who the client represents in Australia.

This site is uses a long held trading name, which the client owns. A name already carried in the site, this will help keep the brand name up there in rankings.

Note that in both sites, how the peppering of various links back to the clients’ main website is found in the landing page. And, these links are to different pages in that site.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll keep you posted on how we fare with the different search engines. Watch this space.

Post Script: We just recently uploaded a new landing page for another client. Again, this one uses a well-known brand name to link back to the client’s website, where the product is featured. The site is located here.

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