Are you using QR codes in your marketing communications, advertising and collateral material?

I was getting low on business cards, so I took advantage of this to make some small changes. Well, if you consider adding a QR code as small, that is.

QR code? QR (Quick Response) code is a type of bar matrix barcode. It is machine readable and like barcodes, we find on shop items in stores, the code allows the user access to information.

In a shop situation a barcode, scanning this allows the user to input information on the item, including name of product or identification, SKU (stock keeping unit) ora stock number pricing, and so on.

QR codes have many uses and was developed for use in the automotive industry. Its more important features are ease of readability and ability to store a lot of information, compared to standard barcodes.

It is the information bit that most concerns users. You now see QR codes on product packaging, leaflets, brochures and other advertising and collateral material. With the rise in smartphones and tablets, the user uses the camera in these units to photograph the QR code, from which the QR code reader in the phone or tablet does its stuff.

Here’s where this of great utility as the code can take the smartphone or table to a URL and give information on the product advertised, or described in a brochure, leaflet or packaging.

Is this really necessary? Well, let’s put it this way. In regular analytics done for clients, I’ve noted the rise in the use of smartphones and tablet searches of client sites are definitely on the rise. From single digits (percentage-wise) to double digits and climbing.

So far, only one of my client, with Swedish principals has been using QR codes in their advertising.

So, should you be using QR codes in your advertising? Well, think of this as a means of providing more information. The code jumps takes the user to a URL. This can be the website, product data page, the contest you may be running, landing page, enquiry form and so on.

Think of information you want to provide and you can see that the jump to a URL is of great use.

Chances are you already have a smartphone or tablet, or both. And, how are you finding your use of it. A huh, yes, you’re getting to use this more as you get more used to its features and the utility these offer you.

Well, you’ve answered your question. If you need help getting a QR code and using this in your advertising and collateral marcomms material, we at JG Marketing can help.

Until my post.

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