A look at newsletters as a marcomms tool

Years ago when I was working as a sales representative, selling to industrial end users, applicators, specifiers (architects and engineers) I learned an interesting lesson. Especially with the end users, buyers tend to connect you as a supplier for a range of products that they normally order, full stop.

“Oh yes, here comes Jack, we need more epoxies, so I’ll order some more,” would be a typical thought bubble. And, that’s what I was to the customer. Never mind that we carry other products in our range.

The problem was I was not always in a situation where I introduce new products. Now, we didn’t have price list, otherwise, it would be a good way to present our full range. Mind you, we had very little by way of collateral material, but that’s another story. (Actually, I used to do pretty basic data sheets to help me sell and this is how I got into marketing communications—which is another story.)

Well, what about a newsletter as a great collateral material? Heck, you are able to publish stories that put you and your products in a good light. You can put forward stories of product use, case studies, how-to examples, new uses, etc.

As publisher, you control content. You run the show. Compare this to sending out press release articles. These can get edited to the point of being wrong, the photo may not be used, or placed wrongly. Actually, I’ve had the experience of a client’s pic placed upside down, even if I sent this out with an arrow showing the side that was up (in the time when articles and photos were sent by snail mail). But, I digress.

In your newsletter you make the changes, show as many photos as you want and if there are any errors, well, you know who’s to blame. Again, I digress

Why a newsletter? Okay, consider, this a great collateral (marcomms) material for your existing customers, potential customers, shareholders, employees, government entities, other stakeholders and so on.

Newsletters are great image builders, a great tool to launch new products, remind users and potential users of how good your products are and so on. And, what about opinion leaders?

Say you want to influence some opinion leaders in the community, including government and non-government entities, you could include articles to put your points forward. Back-up stories from users can support your position. Think about it, the possibilities are quite big. And, influence can be far-reaching.

Of course, we can organize this for you from concept to completion, whether to final print and/or including PDF for use on your website, for download. If you prefer not to go to print, a PDF or html version for email use is also another way of preparing newsletters.

I know I am pushing our services here, but we make it easier for you. And, if we do PR articles for you, we already have a resource to work with. Remember that it has always been our policy to not re-invent the wheel.

And, we try to leverage any work with do for other work. We get you more bang for your advertising buck. Anyway, some food for thought.

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