B2B and B2C marketing communications: is there much difference?

In a recent seminar on Social Media, I remember a line from a speaker that said: “the lines between B2C and B2B are blurring.” Interesting that, and I want to add some thoughts to this statement.

Let me put forward …


Having a blog in your website for SEO, an example

Changes in how search engines look at websites is a regular occurrence. As noted more and more they look to authority sites, the way they treat content and so on has meant that we have now incorporated a blog in …


How a blog helps your search engine rankings

That you have to get a good ranking for your chosen keywords to get hits on your website is a given. If you want to get noticed in the web, you should have your desired landing page linked to keywords …


Web 2.0 Marketing Communications Based On Blogging Now Available

Allow me a personal plug. I don’t normally do this, but I thought why not use a blog to help me market my own services.

With B2B and industrial marketers now more comfortable with the use of the internet, a …

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