Manufacturing returns to USA: true or false?

I read an article a month ago about how manufacturing was moving back to the USA, from American companies who built and moved their plants to China. Aha, I thought the tables have turned. BTW, this view is found in several articles found in Industry Update magazine, and their website, this being the last one

Or, have they?

An article I found on Ferret claims otherwise. It said in part that manufacturing renaissance is mostly hype. It describes the growth in US manufacturing as “‘cyclical rather structural’ and thus temporary.”

So, who do we believe?

Anyway, the point I want to make in the post is that we cannot accept anything we read at face value. With so much information, articles, posts, video clips and so on bombarding us daily via the net, we have to be careful what we can take on board as gospel.

I was going to write on the earlier piece I read about manufacturing returning to the USA, but never go around to it. Now, I thought, with the claim that this is a myth what is one supposed to believe.

Here, I digress slightly, but push a point along what I mention above, we have to be careful what we push out in social media, especially when sharing articles and posts.

Research is always the key in these matters. It’s good to remember that for every point of view, there’s at least two sides. And, sometimes a third, the neutral view.

Anyway, just some thoughts about putting news items on your website or blog. And, more specially if you push a point of view based on a news item and the like.

Until my next post.

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