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Yesterday morning, I spent a few hours at the Google seminar, Get Your Geek On. Very interesting. Of course, as far as Google was concerned, I am sure, that the AdWords talk, the last one given, was the most important to them. I admit that it was well put together and kudos to Google and their pushing their Google Partners program.

More on this in a later blog.

If I went away with one thing, it was the first speaker and was an underlying theme—We don’t go online, we live online. Great idea, right?

Now, let me temper this with the thinking of some of my clients. Some of them believe that their customer’s are not au fait We are constantly online today so mobile platforms cannot be disregarded. That’s where the internet is going or at ease with the mobile environment. After what I saw in some earlier SEO work, where mobile platform searches for one client increased from single to double digits and up over several months, I was convinced.

This thinking harps back to some earlier posts on being mobile-friendly.

Of course, the stats given by one of the Google speakers prove this, but let me put something to you from my own experience.

I suppose that as far as the younger crowd (18-35s), mobile is a given. I remember when kids came home for a day or two and slept over, we knew when they woke up, because of the tiny light in their rooms at early morning. Yes, you guessed it, they went on their smartphones in the dark, first thing on waking. And, the light emitted by the screen meant that they were awake.

Ok, so the kids are mobile all day and then even go on their PCs or laptops to do stuff. But, what about the older set.

Well, surprisingly, so are the oldies. I know of some who are always on their smartphones. And, this is an interesting observation on a recent trip overseas. I stayed at an old friends house and noticed that he and his wife at the breakfast table were on their tablets. One was reading the news, the other checking on what friends were doing via Facebook.

And, from this, they may move to a smartphone, back to a tablet or PC/laptop later.

It is true, we live on line.

Years ago, when I approached clients about setting a website for them, you could imagine the puzzled looks I received. Mind you, this was 1997-98. But, the time has changed.

Years ago, I had the same thinking about tablets and smartphones. But, no more.

We have to move with the times. If we don’t we may have to learn the hard way, like losing customers or seeing our competitors get the jump on us.

Until my next post.

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