New website for Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL)

Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL)’s new website has just gone live.

A client going back some six or seven years has recently upgraded their website. This is the third iteration of the site and it has been designed to take advantage of Google’s Responsive Web Design requirements. The client is Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL). 

Featuring a revolving banner on the top of the home page, the new site, has navigation buttons on the top and in the bottom. As well, the site highlights products by product group and now also does this by different markets.  A strong emphasis on user solutions is specially noted, as case studies, blog posts and testimonials pepper the home page.

A new feature is the Configurator app found in the top left-hand section. Highlighted in a green coloured box, which mimics the principal’s colors (Morse Watchmans),  this app is very hard to miss. The app is also accessible via one of the top navigation buttons.

The site has products in a very structured way. For instance, the KeyWatcher products, have an overview section which spells out many details about the product. Then on the top section of each product page are various tabs, which can be clicked for more information. For instance, KeyWatcher’s show the following tabs: Cabinets, Modules, SmartKeys, and Spec Sheets/Drawings.

The site has been designed to not just provide information at a glance, but be very navigable.

Founded in 1996, Australian Security Technology market solutions for Key and Asset Management.

Asset Management is their core business and the range of Morse Watchmans products, especially the KeyMaster suite of products that they market enables ASTPL to provide market-leading technology. This is backed by the Morse Watchmans brand and reputation. AST is in effect, Morse Australia, with regards the Morse Watchmans product offering in Australia.

ASTPL also have other key and asset management solutions, with AssetTracker, being the other leading brand. This suite of products uses barcode technology to help track moveable assets in the field.

AST supply solutions to a range of industries, from Correctional Facilities and other Government Agencies to Hotels, Casinos and Car Dealerships. We invite you to visit their new website

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