How to set up a quick website:

With a new product update in the works, a show where this would be launched in a show that was only a matter of weeks away, our long-time client, Vendart Pty Ltd. asked us just what we could do for them with regards a new website. Originally, we suggested the possibility of a small site, more like a landing page, with little content.

After some discussion, it was decided that even if the website was dedicated to the one product, it could be made up of various pages, with drop down nav buttons, not just one page with backlinks to their main site, as we originally thought.

We planned on highlighting the two versions of the product and ancillary products (which could be sold separately as these were consumables). And, we note that the product variations (a desktop model and mobile model were targeted at different markets. We took the approach from the home page and used as part the structure of the site.

We discussed what we could feature in the homepage of the new site, the other content, links and other resources.

We also included a page and several case studies, based on press release articles we prepared earlier. We went for the WordPress platform, to allow the client to change content on the fly. (The product was still in development, with actual rollout still a few weeks off.

Hence, after approval of the home page layout and the variations for tablet and smartphone, we moved quickly. Hence in just a few weeks, the new site is up

BTW, we also included a link to their principal site, as there were many other products that Vendart market which is not included in the new site. And, using a little trick up our sleeve, we were able to get the site indexed within a day.

A challenge met. Hopefully, with one happy client.

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