Can B2B companies ignore social media?

While B2C has had a good go at social media, B2B is still unsure.

At a recent meeting with a client, with whom we are in the process of developing a website, I asked about the social media accounts that he had. Answer none.

The thinking behind this is that B2B marketers do not use social media. Really?

From an article from pro blogger Dominique Jackson (23 March, 2016), he notes that “For some reason, a lot of B2B companies have either struggled to grasp social media marketing or flat out ignored it. Despite the success that B2C companies have seen with social media, B2B companies are still relying on traditional tactics like cold calling and attending business networking breakfasts. Those tactics are still effective, but they shouldn’t be used in place of social media. Instead, you should be integrating social media into your strategy for even better results.”

He adds that “If you’ve been shying away from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because you think it won’t work for companies that serve other businesses, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.”

And, he points to an interesting example, “…Novartis, a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. Most people wouldn’t expect a company in this industry to be on social media at all, yet alone have any level of success. Surprisingly Novartis has built a strong presence on Instagram, without posting hundreds of selfies and inspirational quotes.”

Thus, really the challenge is how to make a presence. And, of course, the problem as always is content.

I must confess that I am an avid fan of blogs. I posted my first blog article in 2006. And, whilst I haven’t been very conscientious about regular postings, I haven’t given up on this medium. After all, as I remind my client. Before Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and so on, there was the blog.

One of the strategies I use is posting short snippets or other posts on social media accounts, with backlinks to the client’s blog. This has several benefits. One, it has at least on backlink to the website (where the blog is located). It also means that if the article is interesting enough, people who follow you FB, G+ or other medium will pass on the article and get some traction.

Hopefully, this can go viral. (Another story here, but you get the idea.)

More on this topic in my next post.

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