More on B2B and Social Media

Social Media can no longer be ignored by B2B organisations. It’s now a definite go.

Social media is no longer just the go-to place for those wanting to touch base with others but is now also a marketing tool that is used by many savvy organizations the world over. In fact, it’s worth noting a point raised by my colleague, Manoj Manghnani , recently.

In a blog post, he notes that: “Online marketing solutions can never be effective without leveraging the power of social media. Almost a third of the world population use social media on a regular basis, according to eMarketer. Your potential and existing customers are on social media. If you want to connect with them regularly, you need to be active on social networks too.”

And, on the point of B2B businesses, pro blogger Dominique Jackson whom I’ve cited in my last blog post, observed that, “you’ve probably heard this at some point, or even thought it yourself. Social media won’t work for me because I’m in a ‘boring’ industry.

“Erase that thought from your mind completely. Social media is not reserved for clothing and beauty companies. There are more than a billion people around the world on social media. You can bet that at least a small percentage of them are interested in your industry.”

And, there’s the crux, how to get those who would be interested in your industry attracted to your company and engaged enough to get them to be prospects, if not customers in the end.

Again, Jackson makes a good point that “the goal [of social media] is to find people who could benefit from your product and build a relationship with them through providing helpful content and value. You’re not just Tweeting a link to your product every time someone mentions they have a problem.”

As well he adds that “the buying process has changed significantly thanks to social media, and B2B companies are not immune. Today, buyers don’t need companies to reach out to them to discover new products and services. Buyers are conducting 90% of the purchasing process on their own. They’re looking at reviews, Googling solutions for their problems and finding out about new companies through social media. In fact, 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media. By the time they talk to an actual salesperson, they’ve already made the decision to try your product.”

The last point is very important to remember, as with the internet, many prospective buyers research their requirement on the web. They also look at reviews, whether in social media or other places, to find out their best choices for a product or service they’re interested in.

Plus, Jackson hits the nail on the head with this last point:

“Another reason why social selling is beneficial for B2B companies is because there are so few brands doing it. Most companies are relying on outbound tactics like cold calling and direct mail. Building your presence on social media sets you apart from the competition.”

If you’re in B2B and are still hesitant, moving to social media is something worth considering now rather than later. And, reaping the benefits it provides.

Don’t you agree?

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