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Years ago, going back something like 20 or so years ago, trying to convince clients and prospective clients, the thinking was ok so you say we need a web page. Why? Anyway, if and when the client was convinced and the website set up, the thinking was set and forget. I used to go around my various clients to tell that the site should be changed regularly. Made to look fresh to encourage re-visit by viewers. Some clients did and others couldn’t be bothered.

Remember this was before WordPress was the norm as it pretty much is now. So, making even cosmetic changes or adding/changing content was pretty major stuff, requiring use of FTP and change of content using HTML.

True to form, we changed our site, pretty much from the ground up every few years. And, it’s been a few years since our last major upgrade. So, welcome to the new JG Marketing site.

Your first impressions will be not just from the new look, but the improved design, yes, using responsive web design. So, the site is mobile friendly and follows the newer trends in web design. Ah, our slavish following of trends. Not really, we need to work to make our site not just mobile friendly, but Google-friendly. Yes, they are pretty much our masters and what they propound we grudgingly follow. We could, of course, resist at our peril.

I put it to you, resistance is futile. And, can we really afford to do so? I don’t think so.

Another change you may not have noted is the SSL protocol which we are now subscribing to. Let’s remove the jargon and just say that browsing the site is now more secure. If you look at the URL on your web browser, you will note that the prefix is “https” instead of the more familiar “http”. SSL allows our site to use cryptographic protocols that make browsing our site more secure between servers and web browsers. Again, this is another website feature preferred by Google.

Finally, and most importantly, is the offering covered in the new website. it’s pretty much 100% web-centric. We have not dropped or forgotten traditional marketing communications, we have just relegated the previous focus to this and set our sites on services and platforms that will help our clients tackle the marcomms needs of the future.

Since, tackling HTML in 1997, we have constantly strived to move lock step with the not just leading edge technology, but also come up with strategies that make the best use of these.

Well, there you go guys, the new site is up after over a year of work, I must admit done intermittently, but there it is.

Looking forward to uploading the next post.

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