5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

Technology has taken over the digital world in a big way. More and more organizations are attracting and engaging audiences using digital technology from online shopping to net banking to artificial Intelligence, machine learning and chatbots. In this increasingly technology-driven and digital marketing world in Sydney, we look at how we can amplify our marketing strategies and alter our game with an eye on the ever-changing digital landscape. So, let’s gaze into our crystal ball and do some prognostication.

Here’s a quick look at what will rule this segment in 2018

Video and Live Production Are Swinging :

In 2017, branded video content was much in favor, so much so that Nielsen recently partnered with Facebook to track cross-platform ad performance. The power of video lies in the fact that it visually engages users while delivering entertaining and informative content. That last part is the key: There’s no point in hiring a production team to switch up those 2D posts if your strategy falls flat. So online advertising agencies should not lose sight of continuing to create engaging content. Adding animation to a post in some cases can be just as effective in catching a user’s attention.

Foreseeing the future in Voice Search :

Voice search came to the fore after Apple launched Siri for iPhone users. Digital marketers and brands are now using voice search to help their audience search for anything on the internet. Voice search in the coming year will change the way information and communication is processed. With voice search, digital marketers can create SEO-optimized high-quality content for promoting their businesses.

Artificial Intelligence :

A potent tool is arising for digital marketers, with major companies like Facebook and Apple integrating artificial intelligence into their technologies and digital marketers combing this artificial intelligence with data analytics tool. Artificial intelligence will help digital marketers and online advertising agencies maximize ROI and accurate targeting.

Transparency will become crucial :

With the extensive amount of information customers have access to online and the ease that they have access to this, marketers will find it hard to cheat consumers in the marketplace. This is the reason why companies need to be transparent at all times. Consumers have must access to a platform where they can review your business, a behind-the-scenes look at your business and company culture and a human element in the marketing activities.

Chatbots are a rage :

Chatbots are being used more widely, of late and for good reason. The digital marketing world in Sydney is using it for engaging customers, solving customer service issues, responding to customer queries and even closing orders. And, if you set up the bot correctly, it is almost as if you are talking to a human. By 2020 it is expected that 85 percent of customer service interactions will be handled by bots. The trend is taking the industry by storm already as 27 percent of people are unable to ascertain whether they spoke to a person or a chatbot in their last customer service interaction. Financially speaking, savings made from opting to virtual assistance, will also reach up to $8 billion by 2022. 

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