5 Ways to Improve your Website’s User Experience

Your website is the base for your online marketing efforts. All such effort should be to not only work with the website but to make sure that your market knows of its existence and visits the site. Also, that as a 24/7 digital salesman, your site has the potential to be the most powerful asset for your digital branding strategy.

Marketing through the years has always been in a state of flux. Add the rapidly evolving technology to the mix and in no time your website looks old and outdated. So, our custom website design team has put together a list of five simple ways to improve your website’s user experience.

1. Run a site audit
To offer an unparalleled experience to your users, it is important to understand what your users really think of your website. You must really know your market, your audience. Does your site efficiently provide information to them that are looking for? What are their main issues? Do they find the site cluttered? The outcome of the audit will help you identify the bottlenecks, remove the clutter, and prioritized the crucial changes.

2. Map the customer journey
It is essential to design omnichannel, complete customer journey maps that cover everything from first engagement to purchase, product use, post-purchase services, to renewal. With a good custom website design company as your partner, the resulting user experience will flow.

3. Reduce the number of pages on your site
Today, users want to experience a more curated experience that can only be achieved if your website is crisp, sharp, and offers just the information your users are looking for. This can be done by avoiding content that is unnecessary, providing excellent search tools, an intuitive UX design.

4. Speed up page loading times
It is interesting to note that a one-second delay in page load time results in 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, as well as a 7% loss in conversions. So, it’s clear that a delay of few seconds can have a massive impact on your ability to offer a meaningful experience, engage visitors and make sales. Taking steps toward reducing load time is crucial, especially when you consider the impact that even one second have on your user experience.

5. Keep updating it!
Your website needs to evolve with the changing needs of your customers continually. This process should never end as your business model, marketing strategy, and even you customer choice will change all the time. When the industry you operate in changes, you need to be partnered with a responsive web design company in Sydney who can work with you to react to the new developments.
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