6 UX Tips to Boost Your Website Engagement

Let’s face it, the worldwide web is crowded and getting more so. Plus, we have shorter attention spans. Put this two together and you have to have a website that not only stands out, but also holds your site’s visitors attention.

And, when visitors come to your site, their experience plays a huge part in the way they perceive your business, as well as and more importantly, whether or not the level of engagement they experience will result in your desired actions. This can be a conversion, subscription, or further engagement.

User experience is largely dictated by an easy to use and navigate website design Sydney. Good UX (user experience) is determined by many varied factors, not the least of which is a responsive web design. Sydney-based JG Marketing offers web design technologies and solutions that evolve with the times-helping create seamless UX and responsive sites that convert. Below are some important UX web design tips that will help you boost user engagement and enhance their overall experience:

  • Wow your visitors with an engaging homepage. Home pages are your first point of contact with your potential customers. Even though every page on your site must be user-friendly, it is crucial to create a homepage that is easy to navigate, intuitive, and has everything a visitor wants to see. Make your layout simple and easy to follow so that visitors won’t feel overwhelmed as they dig deeper into what you offer.

  • Be consistent with your branding. Use colors that are true to your brand and image when creating web design Sydney. It is important that visitors are able to recognize your brand through the elements that you choose to include in your web design.

  • Ensure speed. Users want answers and they want them fast. When your web pages are slow to load, you give your visitors the option to click away and move on to a competitor site. This is why it is important to invest in more robust hosting and one that can meet the traffic demands of your site. This includes anticipated traffic in the future.

  • Make pages purposeful. Like any marketing strategy, it is important that your web pages are built with a specific purpose in mind. Omit distractions and make sure that everything you put in your pages are necessary to avoid clutter.

  • Make your website accessible. Responsive web design Sydney is crucial since users nowadays access sites using a wide variety of devices and screens. It is important to test your site to ensure that the pages display and load correctly on different devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops). It is important to ensure uniform experience across all devices.
Finally, create calls to action that are clear and straight to the point. This is a sure way to enhance your engagement and increase your site’s conversion rate.
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