5 Statistics that Prove Responsive Web Design is Essential to SEO

While we can be sure that he would have other things in mind when the philosopher, Heraclitus wrote, “the only thing that is constant is change,” this definitely we know definitely refers to everything on the internet. The world wide web is in a constant state of flux. And, all elements, software development programs and platforms, search engines (its algorithms), social media and so on are living proof.

While in the past, businesses had plenty of breathing room before new developments would be knocking on their doors, giving them ample time to make adjustments in their upgrade approaches. Today, however, sticking to ‘what works’ is no longer an option. The fast pace of web development keeps both business owners and even consumers at the edge of their seat waiting for the next big thing to improve the online experience.

It hasn’t been that long ago, as not even a couple of years since mobile-friendly websites became the standard for online businesses. And now, search engine optimisation Sydney is demanding responsive web design. It is no longer enough to have a mobile-friendly website that functions on different devices. What consumers demand (and search engines favor) are responsive websites that doesn’t only function on different devices, but also appears the same way they do across all devices. This means uniform, high-quality user-experience wherever a visitor chooses to access your website.

Here are some critical statistics proving how and why responsive web design Sydney is crucial to SEO:

  1.   Worldwide smartphone usage is projected to increase from 2.1 billion in 2016 to a whopping 2.5 billion by the year 2019. This shows you just how fast smartphone penetration is and how the average consumer is becoming ever more reliant on his/her mobile devices for communication, even their daily tasks and even social interaction with friends and others. 
  2. Mobile traffic share is steadily increasing since 2015. In fact, 2017 statistics from Statista show that mobile traffic accounts for up to 52.64% of the total global online traffic — a figure that is only expected to increase as more and more people turn to their smartphones and mobile devices for online search. 
  3. Because of the increasing percentage of people using their mobile devices to search for what they need, Google prioritizes websites with responsive web design Sydney in their search rankings. This is also because more people prefer responsive websites over merely mobile-friendly sites, finding them to be more trustworthy than sites that are difficult to navigate on their mobile devices. Fortunately for business owners, search engine optimisation Sydney companies like JG Marketing offer services that can help you transform your website into a more responsive and search engine friendly site. 
  4. Half of the world’s e-commerce revenue comes from mobile traffic. This is another proof that building a responsive website can help you make more money as people nowadays prefer to do their shopping online. Also, another reason to consider upgrading if your website is not a responsive one. 
  5.  Finally, 57% of web users say that they would not recommend a business that has a poorly designed mobile site because they don’t offer optimal user experience. (You can read this to mean that such sites waste the viewers’ time.)

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