Web 2.0 Marketing Communications Based On Blogging Now Available

Allow me a personal plug. I don’t normally do this, but I thought why not use a blog to help me market my own services.

With B2B and industrial marketers now more comfortable with the use of the internet, a question arises: Is it enough to have a functioning website?

Like it or not we’re in what’s described as “Web 2.0”.

This in short is how the web has iterated in the last decade, especially with the dominance of Google. The internet is now more collaborative, friendly and interactive—compared to the more staid Web 1.0.

And, the thinking that helps your marketing communication come across is different to what you will find in most websites. As a marketer, you should be thinking more along the lines of social marketing.

At JG Marketing, we’ve found that the best way to do this is to put up a blog. What’s a blog? In short it’s a series of entries on a website (blog) more like a journal written in chronological and displayed in reverse chronological order. (Blog is really an acronym for Web Log).

Wikipedia notes that Blogs “provide a commentary or news on a particular subject…a typical blog combines text, images and links to other blogs, web pages and other media related to its topic.”

And, what does this mean for you. The links in your blog can be to your website. The use of this links also allows you to improve your Search Engine Rankings.

Did you ever consider as to why when you notified search engines like Google that you have a new website up and running, it may take months to have the site indexed (or spidered by their web robots). But, you tell them of a new blog and we’ve found from experience, the blog is spidered within 24 hours.

JG Marketing can help you leverage off this bias by the search engines for blogs, to not just improve your website’s rankings, but to help get your marketing message across. And, we’ve found it’s also a good means of getting feedback, which you will not encounter through other more expensive means.

This is not only part of the marketing services we offer, but now an integral part of how we use the web to market ourselves as well. And, the surprising thing is that the cost is very small, compared to the other marketing communication means you may now be employing.

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