Catalogues and Product Sheets

An international rubber manufacturer’s Australian subsidiary, BTR Australia wanted to update its catalogue, which was made up of product spec sheets. Printed in black and different PMS colours denoting varying product groups, the sheets were also released separately. The catalogue cover was also designed for use as a presentation folder, using the same artwork and printed at the one time.

From the brief, we made two suggestions, which the client accepted.

First, all address details were incorporated as part of the base artwork, on the front of each product spec sheet. This not only saved printing costs as the previous catalogue prepared by another ad agency had this printed in the middle of the back page, but also made sure that this information was present in all sheets. Double-sided sheets in the old catalogue had no address details, as the technical information on the back page did away with address block.

The second suggestion was the introduction of unique key numbers for each sheet. The client originally objected to this suggestion as they felt that doing this would not allow for the addition of new products. The numbering scheme we suggested allowed for the expansion of the product range, while incorporating the product group name in the key numbers.

And, using the numbers not only helped identify each sheet, but allowed the reader to know that they had the latest version of the spec sheet.

Catalogues and Product Sheets
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