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Since 1997 we have been building successful storefronts online for new merchants and well- established companies, helping them unleash the power of e-commerce. Staying in tune with modern developments like mobile commerce and so forth we ensure our sites work seamlessly on all popular devices like Apple, Android, PC and Linux-based platforms. Checkout is always simple in our e-commerce systems to ensure users can easily place an order. We make sure we select the right payment gateway and security strategy. And unlike some other e-commerce systems which require transactions to be manually entered into bookkeeping, ERP, CRM and other legacy systems, our systems do not ask for this. Our integration modules effortlessly sync e-commerce orders, customers, and transactions with several popular systems. As our services are diverse over a variety of platforms, we can provide tailor-made solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Having worked with small boutiques as well as larger multi-million dollar systems, we have the depth of experience to deliver an e-commerce strategy that will work. Merchants of consumer goods, B2B industrial products, consumables, food, etc. have benefited from our solution, which are divided into subscription systems and storefronts.

We often use a combination of programing platforms like Magento, WordPress, Woo E-commerce, Bespoke ASP.Net/ MS SQL and Bespoke PHP/ MySQL in our solutions.

So, whether you want to power up your existing e-Commerce store to the next level, or build a brand new e-commerce app or store, we can leverage a broad range of technologies to help you craft your ideal e-commerce experience.

Our capabilities:-

Custom Cart Development: Easily manageable shopping carts to provide a luxurious experience to your shoppers.

Third-Party Application Integration: A seamless third-party application integration to enhance your customer’s’ experience.

Payment Gateway Integration: A dependable, and speedy payment processing system.

Quality Assurance Testing: Testing of the e-commerce portal for that perfect shopping experience.

Mobile Commerce: Mobile-specific e-commerce solutions, to create impressive mobile stores.

Multi-site Management: Our solutions help simplify management of dozens of sites across the globe.

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